Meet Nanospark: Interface Controller Extraordinaire

The new Nanospark I/O controller brings the power of the Apple mobile devices to the physical world. It will help developers and users of sensors, machines and other devices to convert them to smart devices, integrate them into the web and leverage the computing power of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices to monitor and control their equipment.

User Friendly Interface

The touch screen interface displays system information and user controls intuitively. Banish the 7-segment displays forever!


24 Digital and Analog I/O

The Nanospark machine interface controller has 8 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, 6 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs. I/O Controller

The Nanospark Controller

Integrate the eight 0-5VDC digital inputs with a full range of digital sensors and simple dry contact switches. The eight digital outputs can drive relays, indicators, and many other digital signal devices. Many types of sensors would connect through the six analog inputs.  There are also two analog outputs. With an iOS app you can tie inputs to outputs, adding logic to your system.


Prototyping and Beyond.

The standard Nanospark Controller App (free on iTunes) is great for prototyping since it allows users to manually simulate the system they’re creating. Some standard features like remote control through text message and scheduling are can be used to set up and run a complete system. When design and development are complete, a custom app can be used to tailor the user interface to that system’s needs, and to automate system operation.

In addition to system logic, apps can be built to connect powerful iOS features with functional system components that are wired into the controller.  For instance, we built an app called Colour Detector (see blog post) which gathers information from the iOS device’s camera feed and, based on those values, triggers outputs on the controller board.

These are some screenshots of the Controller app: