Nanospark Development Specs

A division of Senasys, Nanospark creates automation solutions using custom hardware and managed by an Android app. The Android app gives you an intuitive, touch screen interface (HMI) as well as the ability to adapt to your needs quickly with relatively low cost.

The heart of Nanospark products is the IOIO-OTG board which boasts 46, 0-3.3V digital i/o. Many of these GPIO may be assigned specific functions which allows Nanospark to interface with machine controls, sensors, switches, relays and other components. This variety lets us design solutions as simple or as complex as you need.

Here are the functions and how many of the 46 GPIO may be used for each one:

  • (21) 0-5V Digital Inputs Sink or Source (20mA max)
  • (16) 0-3.3V Analog Inputs (20mA max)
  • (6) TWI (I2C) pins, 3 clock and 3 data
  • (23) I/O for peripherals (PWM, Pulse Input, SPI, UART)
  • (12) Comparator inputs
  • (6) ICSP pins

Nanospark systems will power attached components and can keep the included tablet continuously charged. Alternately the hardware may connect to the tablet by Bluetooth, in which case the Android device will be charged by a separate power source.

Contact us about using Nanospark as a custom solution or to be the brains and intuitive, feature-rich HMI of your product.