Nanospark: Alert Notifications

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Nanospark: Alert Notifications

And it’s here! We’ve added alert notifications to the free Nanospark Controller App. 

Alerts are especially useful when combined with the scheduling and remote monitor/control features already part of the Controller App.

We setup alerts to be simple to configure.  Here are some of the key configuring options:

– Schedule the days/times when the alert should be monitoring

– Watch any of the 24 analog or digital inputs/outputs on the Nanospark Controller

– Send alert simultaneously to multiple contacts

– Customize the alert message

What’s so great about using Nanospark Alerts? 

1. Watch exactly what you need to watch in your facility.    Since the heart of Nanospark is a 5V control board you can wire nearly any type of sensor or switch to it.  This means you can have one input monitoring your compressor, another your water heater, another your loading dock door.  The same Nanospark watching up to 14 different types of situations to keep your operation running smoothly and safely.

I might add that since Nanospark interacts with such a wide variety of sensors, components are much less expensive than similar automation products intended for the residential market.

2. Receive alerts wherever you are.  The alerts are sent via text message so as long as you have a phone signal you’ll be in touch with your equipment.  The generic nature of text message is an advantage here.  Regardless your phone type or even how “smart” (or not) your phone is you’ll receive the alert.  

Contact us to discuss how to use Nanospark Alert Notifications in your facility or order one and put it to use (I hope you’ll let us know how you used it).

These are some screenshots of the Alerts feature:



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