Digital Timer Switch | Universal Equipment Timer

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Digital Timer Switch | Universal Equipment Timer Purchase your Nanospark (Read why you should below.)

How can you use the scheduling feature of the Nanospark Controller app to manage the equipment in your facility?

Through the scheduling tab of the Nanospark Controller app (free on iTunes), you’re able to control when outputs turn on and off.  In the demo below we’ve scheduled events for a coffee maker, a hot plate, a motor to crack the egg and an actuator for the toaster.  Perhaps it’s a bit whimsical to have breakfast prepared for you while on your way to work- but imagine the real possibilities as an equipment timer.

Imagine your compressors and conveyors- your whole facility if you like, coming to life 5 minutes before the shift starts.

Imagine being certain that the ovens or the lights are off while your facility is empty.

Nanospark makes this a reality.  The really awesome part- a single Nanospark can manage up to 10 pieces of equipment!  And it does so with a clean, easy to use interface and remote access and control built in.

It’s not just your phone that’s smart- Nanospark makes your whole facility smart!

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