Industrial Automation Processes – Ice Cream Cup Lids

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Industrial Automation Processes – Ice Cream Cup Lids

I’m excited to share with you all a project that is getting close to completion.  A local dairy approached us asking us to help them with an annoying part of their production process- placing the lids on cups filled with ice cream.

Nanospark was a perfect fit!  There are three JMP contact switches wired to digital inputs to confirm equipment and cup location.  Five digital outputs trigger solenoids (through an 8-channel, 5V relay board) to actuate cylinders and a vacuum pump which place the lid on the cup, and rotary valves which move the cup through the system.

Finally, in it’s assembled form, the controlling iPod touch’s camera (using Nanospark’s Colour Detection) will confirm lid placement before sending the cup to packaging.

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Ice Cream Lid Placement System

In the video below you see the outputs being manually turned on/off with the Nanospark Controller app.

This is a good example of how to use Nanospark for R&D.  To add some logic and automate the system we write a simple app using the Nanospark and Colour Detector frameworks as a foundation.

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