Industrial Controller Package

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Industrial Controller Package

Industrial Controller Package

One of the advantages of using Nanospark is the abundance of used, and hence inexpensive, Apple devices on the market.

The iPod touch 4, iPhone 3 and 4 for instance have plenty of processing power and features to make the equipment you’ve attached to your Nanospark very smart.  Being older models they can be purchased from Amazon, eBay and many other sites at great prices.  We’ve made use of several of these devices for in house projects; sometimes purchasing for as low as $80.

That said, maybe you don’t want to risk a used one, maybe you don’t want to use your iPod loaded with all your tunes to run an industrial control system, maybe you’re an Android guy.  Whatever the case may be, we’ve put together a kit so that out of the box you have the complete foundation of a great system.

Our Nanospark Controller Kit comes with the controller and a refurbished iPod touch 4th Generation.  We’ve put a screen protector on the iPod touch 4 along with a hard plastic case.  On the iPod itself we’ve cleaned up the home screen by organizing the basic apps and installing both the Nanospark Controller and Colour Detector apps.

You can find the kit in our store, we trust you’ll find it helpful!

Learn more about the controller.

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