Industrial Equipment Timer | Now Available

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Industrial Equipment Timer | Now Available

Universal Equipment Timer Package

We proudly announce the release of two complete packages to help you put the power of Nanospark to good use.  We’re calling them Universal Timer Package 2 and 4.  They’re “Universal” in that the relays included in the package will allow you to easily connect Nanospark to all sorts of machines.

The package includes an iPod touch 4th Generation with the Nanospark Controller App and the Colour Detector app installed and ready to use.  You’ll like how easy it is to program schedules using the Controller App.  For instance, choosing the dates for your program to run is done with a rolling wheel selection.  With the slide of your finger on the screen, assign which output(s) are run by the program.

Run several outputs with the same schedule, or create a new schedule for each output.  There is no limit to how many schedules you can make for Nanospark’s 10 outputs (8 digital and 2 analog ).

Learn more about this Universal Timer.

Contact us if you have questions or to order your equipment timer package, (715) 318-1059.

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