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Nanospark (Android version)

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Nanospark (Android version)

The first Nanospark controller and products were made using Apple tablets and phones- primarily the iPod touch.  However, we now have taken this same solution set (tablet+hardware) into the world of Android.  We will continue to support the Apple-based Nanospark’s in the field but will develop new products centered on the Android version.


The heart of Nanospark’s Android products is the IOIO-OTG board.  The IOIO (pronounced yo-yo) board brings more and varied I/O to the table, expanding the solutions we can offer our OEM customers and the products we can develop.  The chart below shows the configuration options for 46 GPIO.  The board also has GND ports along with 3.3V and 5V power supply pins. IOIO board

Using an app on a tablet as the brains of a system is very useful as it allows for great flexibility, intuitive user interaction, and inherently makes features available that would otherwise require additional, and possibly costly, hardware and software.  However, for communication and power, the tablet must be connected to the hardware which, in some scenarios, could be a negative.  With our Apple version, the iPod touch had a 1 foot tether to the hardware but for our Android version that tether (by USB cable) can increase up to 10 feet.  This proved advantageous with our Machine Monitor, allowing the hardware to be placed in a machine’s control cabinet while that tablet is easily accessed from the side or front of the machine.

Our Android version can also connect tablet to hardware though Bluetooth; further increasing tablet and hardware placement options.


At this time, our focus is using Nanospark to create specific products rather than making a general development app as we did with the Apple version.  So far we have made:

  • Nanospark: Machine Monitor
  • . This monitors production machinery, helping manufacturers get more production time from their machines. Machine Monitor helps to reduce downtime by sending out text message or email alerts based on what’s happening with the machine and by generating regular machine utilization reports.

  • Nanospark: Photo Monitor. Need a picture taken when a switch turns on, or some other trigger? This is the app for you. Contact us for hardware assistance.
  • Paladin by Nanospark is an garage door management system which takes your existing garage door opener and adds 9 smart features- like controlling your garage door(s) from your phone..


In addition to our own products, we’re using our Android version for controls on OEM products.  Nanospark may replace switches and dials with a touch screen interface, while at the same time opening the door to advanced features like interactive user manuals or replacement part ordering right from the machine.  OEMs may find that Nanospark is a good fit for their new products as well.

Tablet + hardware is a valuable solution set by which we provide manufacturers and consumers feature rich solutions in easy-to-use packages. Give us a call and tell us what you’d like Nanospark to do for you.


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