Nanospark Ignites A New Learning Environment for UW-Stout Students

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Nanospark Ignites A New Learning Environment for UW-Stout Students


Nanospark and University of Wisconsin-Stout joined forces to create a hands-on learning environment for students.  Nanospark sponsored an iOS app development lab that allowed UW-Stout students to practice their software developing techniques and gain project management skills. Students were mentored by Professor Dennis Schmidt and Professor Brent Dingle, who facilitated the independent study.

Both professors took on this opportunity to help students advance their skills.  As most universities began teaching students the iOS platform when it first arrived to the marketplace, small schools struggled to find the resources.  Nanospark gave UW-Stout the resources needed to explore Objective C and iOS, along with the professors donating their time and support to the independent study.

Learning the theories behind development is crucial, but the independent study practiced the information in a hands-on environment, preparing them for a career.  In the app development lab, students expanded their programming, system design, and collaboration skills through various projects.  Students faced different progress reports including the basic understanding of development, documentation of the applications that were implemented, and a presentation showcasing their application.

Different iOS applications were built including a game app by a sophomore originally from Gilman, Wis.  Interacting with the iOS device, the objective of the game is to collect points through flipping pancakes without losing control.  The user must tilt the device back and forth to succeed, creating a physical interaction with the application.   As a student in her second year, she now has a better understanding of Objective C and iOS development.  Enrolling in the independent study, she gained skills that she may not have achieved until later in her education.  Such as project management, software development techniques, and awareness of what is needed to submit an application to the app store.

Learn more about the Nanospark Controller or University of Wisconsin-Stout’s Software Development program.

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