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Nanospark: Photo Monitor

Posted by on Oct 2, 2015 in Home, Projects | Comments Off on Nanospark: Photo Monitor

Nanospark: Photo Monitor

We’d like to let you know about the latest app we’ve developed and how you can use it. We’re calling it Nanospark: Photo Monitor.

Nanospark: Photo Monitor was developed to fill a need in our parent company’s manufacturing facility.  We have a test procedure for our capillary switches which are designed to trip at specific temperatures.  To confirm that they are calibrated correctly, they are tested in a heated oil bath.  A photo is taken of a thermal probe’s display of the oil bath’s temperature when the switch is tripped (open and closed).

This process of taking a picture when a switch opens or closes has many and varied uses. For instance, with a magnetic reed switch, take a picture on entry/exit through a door or take an inspection photo when a part reaches a certain point on the production line.

With plenty of applications for it, we thought we’d put it out there for others to use as well.  The Nanospark: Photo Monitor app is available as a free download through Google Play Store. The app features:

  • Live monitoring of 10 digital inputs (switches)
  • Custom naming prefix for photo filename (photos are stored locally for review or export)
  • Batch or Continuous monitoring modes
  • Receive Text message notification on batch completion
  • Automatically email photos as they’re taken

Here are some screenshots:

What about hardware to connect the switches and the app? In our online store you can find hardware to use with your Nanospark: Photo Monitor. The package includes:

  • Nanospark: Developer hardware
  • 7″ Android tablet with front and rear facing cameras
  • 3′ USB cable, male to micro b
  • 5V/3A power adapter

You will need to supply the sensors or switches which will trigger the photo. Or feel free to contact us and we can work with you to provide a complete system according to your needs.

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