Photo Monitor in Home Office

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Photo Monitor in Home Office

Hey guys,
Thought you might like to see how I’m using your Photo Monitor (or maybe I just like showing off my little projects 🙂 ). I work out of my home in a backyard shed that I converted into an office. My work puts me in touch with a fair amount of technology, so I lock my office when I’m not in it. But a little more security would be a good thing. I came across your photo monitor and liked how easily I could set this little “security camera” up.

I especially like that I get an email of the picture when it’s taken. So if I’m out and about I’ll be notified immediately if there’s a problem.

Found a door sensor on Adafruit for cheap. And thanks again for graciously discounting your system so I could use my own leftover tablet that I already had here.

The install was pretty easy: ran the wires from the door sensor to one of the inputs and +3.3V on the hardware. Then, put the hardware close to my power strip. I added an LED between the input and GND so it lights up when the door is closed (gratuitous, but lights are pretty). The little wall mount bracket for the hardware was a nice touch.

I’ve had it installed now for about a week and so far so good! Thanks again guys.


Wall bracket
Door Sensor

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