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This i the hardware package to be installed on your garage door opener.

Package Includes:

  • Paladin box, with door sensor and garage door opener wires
  • Power adapter (120/240VAC to 5V/3A)
  • 7″ Android tablet (with PALADIN app installed)
  • Wall mount tablet cradles
  • Tablet charger
  • Door sensor magnet
  • Some extras which will help installation go smoothly


The feature rich, easy-to-use garage door management system adds helpful functions to your existing garage door opener:

  • Schedule automatic open/close times
  • Remote door control by text message
  • Operate door by voice command
  • Manage users (who is allowed to operate the doors and when)
  • And, of course, manual door control button

For additional options such wiring to control a second opener, see the main PALADIN site:

Price: $160.00

Shipping: $0.00

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