The Intuitive Digital Timer | Nanospark

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The Intuitive Digital Timer | Nanospark

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Programmable Digital Timer | Nanospark

Check out this feature of the Nanospark Controller app– Scheduling. The programmable digital timer allows you to set when you want certain outputs to come on or off.

There certainly are digital timers out there, so why use Nanospark in this way?  Because it’s Versatile, Centralized, and Intuitive.  Nanospark can act as a digital timer for up to ten different pieces of equipment; even if they run off varied voltages.  And the interface to set and manage the scheduled events is simple and clear.

What happens if you need to interrupt a programmed event?  From the Digital or Analog tab turn on or off the output in question.  This will override the scheduled event, which can resume when you re-enable it.  If you’ve setup remote interaction, you can even shut things down (or turn them on) from a remote location.

How will you use Nanospark scheduling function?

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Many events can be created to turn on and off equipment tied into a single Nanospark Controller.

Do you have an oven that needs to come up to temp before employees can begin their work?  Schedule the oven to come on a half-hour before the employee walks in the door; and only on work days.

Do you want the air compressors, lights, water pumps, etc on so the shop is humming when your crew arrives?  Do you want to ensure that everything shuts downs safely when the shop is empty?  Wire your equipment, set the schedule, and voilà- your facility is ready for action when you are!

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Scheduling: Selecting dates and times






[Here’s a look at the complete Event Details.]

Learn more about this programmable digital timer.

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